The mag you'd have loved to have as a kid.

Say goodbye to plastic, pink or blue and princess tales. Dot is a child who is discovering the colours of this world, its shapes and its best known artists. He's not alone. His friends Bonachón, Gruñon and Uga la Tortuga follow him wherever he goes.Games, comics, tales and crafts... Shame it's only recommended for kids up to five years!

Dot Magazine is a quarterly publication for kids published by Anorak Studio. Cursiva helped to introduce this magazine in Spain back in January 2018. We had fun translating and localizing the initial magazine issues, as well as introducing Dot to the Spanish-speaking audience through local marketing events and social media.

Client: Studio Anorak, Oksar LTD.  United Kingdom.
Product: Dot Magazine
Year: 2018

Written content creation
Audiovisual content creation
Content localization
Local events and marketing actions
Content marketing strategy
Community management
Performance audit of events and social media activity