The taste of a culture.

Flavours evoke moments, stories and above all, places. Pompita is a refreshing drink inspired in some of the most popular Spanish cities. A natural alternative to the traditional alcoholic drinks that takes you on a travel around Spain through its flavours.

There is no better challenge than to start from scratch. We had the fantastic opportunity to define the initial brand tone of voice for Pompita, as well as to enjoy our virtual travels around Madrid, Barcelona and Ibiza, the cities where the Pompita flavours find their inspiration. Still today, we continue developing the brand content strategy as well as managing the Pompita community. Cheers!

Client:  Messum Export SL, Spain
Product: Pompita
URL: www.drinkpompita.com
Year: 2018

Written content creation
Audiovisual content creation
Content localization
Content marketing strategy
Community management
Performance audit of events and social media activity