The popcorn invasion.

Salted for the 'clásico', unsalted for the athlete and sweet for the little ones. Long life to popcorn! Always the best companion to watch a movie and now a great choice when watching football, cooking a BBQ or even as a snack before a good meal. Popitas is on a mission to take popcorn out of the cinemas and give them a brand new life.
Ilustración realizada por nuestros amigos de Summa (www.summa.es)

With the aim to analyze the status of their social channels, Popitas commissioned Cursiva to generate an in-depth content strategy audit that would serve to better orientate their future content marketing activities. After a very meticulous job, we analyzed every action in Facebook and Instagram in order to create a very detailed content strategy report.

Client: Borges Branded Foods, S.L.U., Spain
Product: Popitas
URL: www.popitas.com
Year: 2017

Content marketing strategy
Content audit