Revolutionizing the food entertainment.

The dining table 2.0 is here! If you belong to those who sleep with an apron, you call yourself a 'foodie' or you're better known as the 'king of the kitchen' at home, then you have landed to the right place. WeDoDine gives you the opportunity to organize the best food events in your very own place!

WeDoDine is a digital platform that connects hosts willing to organize food experiences at their own homes with users who would love to attend as special guests. Cursiva helped this very exciting Danish startup to introduce their business into the Spanish market. With our chef jacket on, we have translated their website into Spanish, as well as developing their corporate blog. Currently, we manage their social channels and act as brand ambassadors in Spain.

Client:  WeDoDine, Dinamarca
Product: WeDoDine
Year: 2018

Written content creation
Audiovisual content creation
Optimization of SEO content
Content localization
Local events and marketing activities
Content marketing strategy
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