Local stories
for global brands

We are a studio that specializes in content marketing and social media.

We design successful strategies by drawing on our own expertise in digital environments, storytelling and insight into users.


We’ll guide you in devising unique content strategies that tap into your brand’s full potential.



Our goal's to give your brand's content personality. We pinpoint your message and create specialized content, while always taking SEO into account.

  • Creation of SEO content for websites and blogs
  • Content optimization
  • Content localization
Estrategia de contenidos

Content Strategy

We identify opportunities, analyze your brand's unique environment and work collaboratively to design effective content strategies.

  • Content strategy design
  • Brand tone and voice definition
  • Editorial calendar creation
  • Brand storytelling creation
Redes sociales

Social Media

We manage and take care of your community. We create and execute strategies to connect with your audience. Then we optimize them over time.

  • Social media strategy design
  • 24/7 community management
  • Influencer marketing and Social Media Ads
  • Analysis and monitoring
  • Crisis management
  • Social media consulting and auditing

Our Clients

From innovative startups to large multinationals. All of the brands we have collaborated with have one thing in common. They tell engaging stories.

And this is our story…

We believe in the power words have to create unique stories. Ours began in London, where we developed our careers in the digital marketing world.

Today, back in the Mediterranean, we are more than a studio who specialize in content marketing and social media. We are a team with a single objective. To connect people and brands through unique stories. Local stories for global brands.”

Lara Viejo

Founding Partner

Content Strategist with more than 10 years of experience in multinationals such as Microsoft and TripAdvisor. Journalist, new mountaineer, and old entrepreneur.

/ lara@wearecursiva.com

Belén Balado

Founding Partner

Content Strategist with press, communication and advertising agency experience. Ad lady, ex-Londoner, currently in Barcelona.

/ belen@wearecursiva.com

Julia Collins Andreu


Scottish writer and content manager. Creating beautiful content for startups, international brands and publications for nearly a decade. Has a way with words and a love for storytelling.

/ julia@wearecursiva.com

Enya Murphy

Bilingual Content Creator

Borders have never defined her life nor her way of thinking. English & Spanish copywriter, Content Creator and Translator. She loves to play with words to bring eco-friendly brands to life.

/ enya@wearecursiva.com

Cristina Bea

Digital Graphic Designer

Social media content design specialist for brand’s such as PortAventura and Bacardí. Loves word games and subscribes to the “less is more” philosophy.

/ cris@wearecursiva.com

Xabier Pérez

Motion Graphic Designer

Online tutor for companies such us Telefónica and Grupo Postal. Content Creator and Motion Graphic teacher. Lover of comics, cinema, Cortázar and the Beat Generation.

Emily Wordsworth

English Copywriter

Copywriter with over 10 years of experience, collaborating with companies like Nikon, Intel, New Balance and lululemon. Made in Hong Kong, living in Barcelona.

/ emily@wearecursiva.com

Lorena Barral

Spanish Copywriter

Journalist with an outgoing outlook. Started in the press and studied Digital Marketing. Now enjoys (very much!) corp journalism and is completely immersed in Branded Content.

/ lorena@wearecursiva.com

Why Us?

We create content for startups and large companies all over the world. We offer a full and flexible service, that includes designing content marketing strategies and social media management. If you want a content-first approach to be at the heart of your brand’s digital strategy, then Cursiva is the ideal agency for you.

If you’re seeking a content-first approach for your brand’s digital strategy, then Cursiva’s the perfect choice for you.

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